Cornell Athletics

ITHACA, N.Y. -- Cornell wrestling head coach Rob Koll notched his 200th career win on Sunday afternoon with a 30-16 victory against No. 15 Iowa State. The No. 2 Big Red collected bonus points in all six wins with Kyle Dake (149) and Steve Bosak (184) pinning their opponents. In front of a crowd of 4,419 at Newman Arena, Cornell inducted four new members into its Hall of Distinguished Wrestling Alumni. The match also served as the Big Red's annual fundraiser for the Adam Frey Foundation.

The dual started at 141 pounds when Freshman Mike Nevinger collected six team points for Cornell with a win by forfeit.

At 149 pounds, No. 2 Dake faced Max Mayfield. Dake got on the board a minute into the bout with a takedown, and earned two back points as time ran out in the first period. Mayfield chose to start the second period at neutral. Dake took down the Iowa State wrestler once again and turned him to win by fall in 4:44.

Next up, No. 9 DJ Meagher faced Trent Weatherman at 157 pounds. Weatherman countered a shot by Meagher midway through the first period and caught the Big Red wrestler for a takedown, immediately earning back points. Weatherman was looking for the fall, but Meagher worked to his stomach and with 15 seconds left in the period, Meagher reversed Weatherman. Meagher escaped from his opening down position in the second period and with 30 seconds off the clock, grabbed a takedown. Weatherman escaped, and countered a shot by Meagher, this time again turning him to his back before Weatherman won by fall in 4:36.

Freshman Craig Eifert moved up a weight class from Friday night to wrestle for Cornell at 165 pounds against No. 9 Andrew Sorenson. Sorenson took down Eifert 45 seconds into the period and rode him out for the remainder. The Cyclone escaped from his bottom position in the second period and Eifert scored to come within a point with a takedown against the ranked junior. Eifert escaped from his down position to start the third period, but Sorenson took him down two more times as Sorenson won the 9-4 decision.

In the highly anticipated bout at 174 pounds, No. 3 Mack Lewnes squared off against No. 1 Jon Reader. Reader grabbed a takedown early in the first period and Lewnes would escape, but the Iowa State wrestler took him down again. Reader chose to start the second period down and quickly reversed Lewnes, who escaped to head into the third period down 6-3. Lewnes immediately escaped from his opening down position in the third and 10 seconds later took down Reader to tie the bout at 6-6. More than 30 seconds ticked off the clock before Reader was able to escape. Reader was hit with a stalling warning late in the period, but secured a 7-6 decision as the Big Red and Iowa State were tied 12-12.

No. 7 ranked Bosak followed at 184 pounds taking on Cole Shafer. Bosak quickly took down his opponent, but when he worked to tilt, Shafer reversed him. Bosak escaped, but the Iowa State wrestler scored again with a takedown. With 20 seconds left on the clock, Bosak fought to neutral to tie the bout at 4-4. Shafer chose to start the second period down, and Bosak took advantage turning him to win by fall in 3:34.

During a 10 minute halftime break, the Big Red inducted Dr. Richard Fox, John Murray, Donald New and Dick Vincent into the Hall of Distinguished Wrestling Alumni. Koll, along with assistant coach Damion Hahn also presented a check as a donation to the Adam Frey Foundation.

After the break, No. 1 Cam Simaz faced No. 16 Jerome Ward at 197. Simaz got on the board first with a takedown, but Ward reversed him to tie the bout. Ward received his first stall warning when he failed to quickly return to the center of the mat after the action went out of bounds. Simaz earned his escape with 13 seconds left in the period. Ward escaped from his opening down position in the second period, and Simaz took him down once again. Simaz quickly let him up looking to score and the Big Red wrestler earned two more points when Ward was hit with two more stalling calls.

Simaz grabbed another takedown before the end of the period and chose to start the third down before immediately escaping. Ward was taken down once again, but worked to neutral. The Big Red junior earned two points when Ward was called for stalling for the fourth time as Simaz won a 14-6 major decision.

At heavyweight, Stryker Lane wrestled against Kyle Simonson, who held a 4-0 lead after the first with a takedown and two back points. The Cyclone notched two more points in the second with a reversal from his starting down position. Lane chose neutral to start the third period, and Simonson took him down with 24 seconds left in the match. Lane escaped with two seconds left on the clock, but with 1:54 in riding time, Simonson won a 9-1 major decision.

The dual continued with No. 10 Frank Perrelli facing Brandon Jones at 125 pounds. The Big Red wrestler notched two takedowns in the opening period and escaped from his starting down position in the second period. With a takedown and two back points held a 9-1 lead and won a 10-2 major decision.

In the last bout of the day, senior No. 7 Mike Grey took on Ben Cash at 133 pounds. The crowd was electric in showing its support for the Big Red wrestler, who returned to the mats for the first time this season against Binghamton on Friday after fighting back from an injury.

For the second time in as many matches, Grey looked to be back at full strength, easily taking down Cash twice in the first period. Grey quickly escaped from his opening down position in the third and took down his opponent three more times. Cash escaped to start the third period, and grabbed his only two offensive points with a takedown with a little more than a minute left in the bout. Grey quickly escaped and the Big Red veteran notched two more takedowns and added two back points for good measure as time ran out. With 3:30 in riding time, Grey won a 19-8 major decision.