Kelsey Amy
Sr. | Forward

How long have you been playing field hockey?
I participated in my first field hockey camp when I was in fourth grade. It was my first experience with the sport, which I felt was very difficult. Originally I wanted to quit because I couldn’t get the hang of it, but eventually grew to love it.

• What has it been like playing for Penn State?
Playing for Penn State has been awesome. The experiences I’ve had, the people I’ve met and the group of girls I’ve had the privilege of playing with are some of the things I’ll remember forever.

• What has been the most exciting moment in your college career so far?
Definitely winning the Big Ten Tournament in 2011. We were actually down a goal in the game and managed to come back and win 3-2. Nothing felt better than holding up that trophy at the end of it all.

• What are the team's strengths this season?
I think one of our strengths this season is definitely our speed. Our backs and mids do a great job of sending passes that allow our forwards and other mids to run onto the ball and get fast breaks on the opposing defense. When we execute correctly we can be pretty deadly.

What are your goals this season?
One of our goals we’ve really discussed a lot as a team this year is winning the Big Ten Conference title and winning the Big Ten Tournament title. I would also like to make it to the quarterfinals and ultimately the national championship. I have never been, so I think it would just be a really neat experience and a great way to cap off my senior year.

Photos courtesy of respective school athletic departments.